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More Book Info

More Book Info

What have I been up to in the past 4 years since writing PLAYING BY THE RULES? Writing a new book, of course. This time I'm a co-author of a book on leadership THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF SUCCESS: LAWS OF LEADERSHIP FOR BLACK WOMEN.

I had the idea to write a book on leadership after HBO sent me to a leadership class and the experience changed my life. The light bulb went off when I learned that leaders can actually be made, they are not only born. Then I got an image in my head of all the women walking around who could improve their lives, be more successful in their careers, and better at their jobs if only they knew this to be true. And I asked myself, 'How many more women could actually benefit from this knowledge if they had the resources, the access, the information, or the contacts'? If I can tap into my leadership potential, if leadership has skill sets that can be learned like the basics of reading or the fundamentals of math, then other women can tap into their leadership potential too.

With this thinking, along with my great friends and fellow Time Warner colleagues, Marsha Haygood and Rhonda Joy McLean, we were able to write our book that is already receiving fabulous feedback from many well-respected and regarded people in the business, lifestyle, finance and psychology sectors.

Each of us authors was passionate and committed to sharing our experiences with all of you because we want you all to succeed. No matter what kind of work you do—corporate, non-profit, or trade—regardless of what level you're at—whether you're self-employed or do volunteer work—you can maximize your skills by tapping into your inner leader. Because, the bottom line is, the first person you lead in life is you.

So after you read THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF SUCCESS: LAWS OF LEADERSHIP FOR BLACK WOMEN, you may want to relax and be entertained by reading a humorous murder mystery and its sequel LEMON CITY and PLAYING BY THE RULES.

So thanks for stopping by my website and checking out what's new, and above all, thanks for your continued support.